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This preparation is directed to overcome difficulties that are concerning erectile dysfunction, or simply ED. It secures the process of achieving erection that would be enough for normal sexual activity. It enables a natural response to sexual enforcement. It is possible by the maintenance of blood streaming in the organ. Sildenafil, major constituent of this preparation, secures this. Erection disappears after sexual activity.



Cialis is a well-known medication targeted to avoid difficulties with ED. Its main constituent – Tadalafil, actively works for the recovery of erectile functions through sufficient maintenance of blood in pelvic organs. Due to such tremendous influence, examinees can regain possibility to have proper and dependable erection. This preparation ameliorates erection and consequently, betters the whole process of intimate relations. Into the bargain, it prolongs the capability to receive erection for 36 hours, which is an absolute record beyond of reach for other similar medications. It also has very soft affection for the organism.



Levitra is one the latest creations of physicians and scientists that has an aim to cure troubles with erection and restore capability for sexual activity. Vardenafil, the cure’s major ingredient, has a powerful impact upon the bloodstream in the organ what enables erection.

It is vital to memorize that its action may start 15 minutes after the implementation, as well as after an hour or so. Its action depends on different individual peculiarities of the examinee’s and on the food he intakes. Fatty foods commonly delay the process of absorption of the preparation by the organism. The effect is pretty lasting and the examinee would be capable to gain firm erection for about 10 hours.








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